Ode Opening and Closing

Opening Ode

Sing ye praises loud and long
And let the unenlightened know
In every echo of your song
The great deeds done, tho’ long ago.

By Columbus of the valiant soul
Who first old Neptune has controlled
Despite of envy, intrigue, gold
In the dim past of long ago.

With vessels three, o’er stormy sea
He thrilled the world of long ago
While wisdom linked with destiny
In justice scales its weight did throw.

We are his heirs we wear his name
We boast his deeds we spread his fame.
Our order is the shining flame
That lights the gloom of long ago.


Closing Ode

Now our evening’s work is done
Then let us ev’ry one
Join in a song
Long may our Order stand
Foremost in this free land
Ready with heart in hand
To right each wrong.

We have a mission great
True to our Church and State
Onward we move
We dry the mourner’s tear
The tired heart we cheer
Faith in our works appear,
Upheld by Love.